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I sent these folks an email sunday to cancell my 3 times from them please help before they bill me and i still hanven’t heard nothing.

I sent these folks an email sunday to cancell my 3 times from them please help before they bill me and i still hanven’t heard nothing.


I sent these folks an email sunday to cancell my 3 times from them please help before they bill me and i still hanven’t heard nothing.

It appears that pic didn’t upload, will attempt once more, if it does not work this is usually a content of it, it is a display shot of the sd website profile page of mine where We changed it in addition they refused the modifications but nonetheless will maybe not delete my profile. I’ll also include once I started to realize this website is a scam that I cancelled my CC yesterday.

«I know you have read this so delete my profile ecuador dating sites about me Trying to get my account removed from this SCAM website. I’ve additionally started saving webpages of great interest therefore have copies of everything t .

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the things I’m searching For i’m l king to get my profile deleted from this SCAM web site but have experienced no luck at present therefore don’t message me personally when I will not respond»

We joined sugardaddyforme one night I had no real intentions of using the website thou, after receiving about 50 messages I noticed a ‘3 days free access’ banner on the website so thought I would register to reply to the messages I had received because I was not allowed to browse photo’s unless registered. for some reason them replied to me after I joined only one of. I do think most of the pages they will have are generated by the management for advertisement purposes. When I joined I had to give CC details, fair enough as that is age verification and I also had no issue with that! 12 hours after registering I made the decision to cancel, we emailed [email safeguarded] to ask they delete my profile and cancel the membership They emailed me personally 6 times later to express sorry blah blah and stole $80NZ from my charge card. They offered a free of charge months that are extra with no further payments but we politely replied no thanks and asked them to delete my profile. They have since ignored requests that are several delete. Then I changed my profile to state how they had scammed me and wouldn’t delete my profile. The checked and refused the noticeable modification yet still will not delete my profile. We first t k the three day test on 23/sept/09 plus it had been that exact same day I requested the termination. They emailed me on 29/sept with there free month test, we declined exact same day and have sent atleast 15 e-mail and web site requests they are just ignoring all my correspondence for them to delete my account and now. its now 03/11/09 This will be a really defectively handled scam web site. I have a local lawyer reviewing my situation and then i will be, money is not an issue for me, this is purely about creating as much attention towards scammers as possible if he believes there is a case for me to take to the US (or where ever the site admin are from.

Whiteout words on picture are profanity

This person is fraudulantly utilizing your web site name to advertise their web site.Brandon Wade from seekingarrangement is illegally utilizing your title in their urls to increase their internet presense on g gle. This is actually the g gle advertising that is operating.

My apologies. That you have not been taken care of by customer service please feel free to contact me directly with all of the info and I will personally assist you if you feel. That applies to all complaints that are legitimate concerns or issues regarding SD4me. You are able to email me personally at [email protected]

Kasaundra, no disrespect, but I happened to be fraudently billed and it’s also hard to get a reply straight back from any email messages that are sent to Sugardaddyforme. I’ve discovered no live chat or published contact quantity because of this web site so how would you suppose that some body is able to actually talk to a representative.

I never called any one of you or other people Russians & do not have a clue what you are actually speaking about and also I do n’t need almost any account to the service or some other solution or web site if it costs hardly any money so you can cancel my account as of now if that is the case. Thank you. 29, 2009 june.