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60 Uncommon Things Men Find Attractive About Ladies

60 Uncommon Things Men Find Attractive About Ladies


60 Uncommon Things Men Find Attractive About Ladies

1. Butch chicks, which eventually ends up being regrettable in most cases, for pretty apparent reasons.

2. Girls who is able to devour sauce covered chicken wings and aren’t afraid to plunge in there without hesitation, be aggressive to get messy.

3. When a woman comes with an AOL email since it’s clear for me that she’s the dedicated kind.

4. Being pleased with residing in and doing practically nothing generally.

5. A voice that is raspy.

6. We don’t want to state crossed eyes, but have you seen Kristen Bells eyes? Well whatever her eyes are thought. Personally I think like they’re a tiny bit crossed, and whenever I meet a lady with a somewhat lazy eye, I’m immediately attracted. We don’t even desire to say eye that is lazy, similar to unmotivated attention.

7. Whenever a lady doesn’t have actually a Faceb k or Twitter, because which means she’s most likely not a socialite after all.

8. Piles of clothes on the sleep and just a little messy messiness at their destination. Perhaps not filthy, but i could appreciate a small chaos.

9. Women that have actually a young child. Or young ones. But she can’t simply have the children, she’s got to deal with them. Some consider it baggage, but i do believe solitary moms are sexy. You understand they could manage obligation and I also can’t also don’t forget to clean my legs every single day, but they’re raising a– that is human’s pretty damn admirable.

10. A pudgy belly. Shredded abs don’t appeal just as much in my opinion, but I am able to appreciate fluffiness, or muffin tops as they call it.

11. Clearly gorgeous ladies who drive a crappy car. We don’t understand why, We don’t actually comprehend it, perhaps it is a social status thing? Either way, there’s nothing sexier compared to l ked at love, Adriana Lima in a 1997 Geo Metro.

12. DISTINCT CLAVICLES! Am I weird? It is like exactly how women can be enthusiastic about Tatum Channing’s (he implied tatum that is channing jawline, y’know?

13. When a woman speaks along with her fingers. Like I find that really cute if she has very animated hand gestures.

14. Ladies who wear fedoras.

15. Random talents. Feminine magicians are my kryptonite. Perhaps not the wonderful assistants putting on a dress, but an woman that is actual complete tricks. That’s just one single instance though. If a lady can m nwalk or throw meals and get it in her lips or shuffle cards well – instant turn-on.

16. Ponytails pulled through baseball caps.

17. Emotionally unstable, crazies. I believe I’m subconsciously attracted for them, as I wouldn’t knowingly seek out insecurity… Right? On second idea, perhaps I’m the daddy problem searching for weirdo?

18. Stretch-marks, We swear. We don’t know why they’re so meaningful link frowned upon, but i prefer them into the way that is same appear to like freckles or any.

19. A woman who’s saving by herself for marriage like i will be. Perhaps she’s certainly not a virgin, but as long as she can understand just why I’m waiting and it has the exact same morals and philosophy that i really do, that is attractive if you ask me, although it is not always the most popular solution to be today.

20. Veiny breasts.

21. Bad lip jobs, which just about seems to be every lip task. Don’t know what it’s about permanent duck status, but i prefer it.

22. A lady having a round, potbelly. Not always expecting, but in addition certainly maybe not not pregnant. Provided that the design can there be, infant or perhaps not it reels me personally in.

23. Nerds. Not merely scantily clad, big, black colored framework spectacles using chicks, but genuine nerds. Those who understand HTML and that can recap period a random period three episode of Naruto.

24. Army females. We constantly learn about ‘men in uniform’ being considered appealing, but a female in a few camouflage makes me tingly feel all.

25. Clumsiness. Such as a moderate, girl type of Steve Urkel. Tripping, spilling things, knocking stuff over. Weird, but i love it.