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4 of this Worst Countries for Ebony Males to Travel

4 of this Worst Countries for Ebony Males to Travel


4 of this Worst Countries for Ebony Males to Travel

The Ebony male travel motion keeps growing jump and bounds as more brothas are becoming their passports, saving up their funds and traveling abroad.

There are plenty good nations to go to but just what concerning the worst nations for black colored males to visit and are now living in?

I’ve been getting e-mails concerning the racist that is most & hostile countries towards black men and put together this list from my own travel experience, talking to other black travelers/expats and reading dozens upon lots of individual travel tales across internet forums.

Here’s a listing of the worst nations for black colored males to consult with. Go ahead and keep your commentary and inform us which nations we have to include or eliminate through the list.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia includes a long reputation for mistreatment towards black colored men (especially black men) also it tops our list among the worst nations to reside in.

Foreign immigrants constitute over 50% of this total workforce and are at the mercy of mockery, physical & spoken punishment, assaults, rapes and also death by dull force.

Not just are black colored guys in danger but even Southeast immigrants that are asian objectives of vicious crimes too. Numerous African male immigrants are planing a trip to Saudi Arabia for economic opportunites, but don’t comprehend the racism mindset associated with Saudi people.

You’ll be at the mercy of mockery that is constant classified as “lazy” and “monkeys.”

Despite the fact that numerous Africans have now been deported from Saudi Arabia in today’s world, many still report “modern day slavery” going on in Saudi Arabia. Here’s a video clip talking about this issue much more level:

Better Alternatives?

In terms of black tourists that are male there are much better options at the center east than Saudi Arabia.

United Arab Emirates is more modernized, stable, and safer for black males who wish to travel to the center East. Dubai is really a stunning town and a hotspot for black colored male expats and tourists.


Russia features a history that is long of against all set of foreigners, specially black colored guys. Many well understood for the growing Skinhead teams, Young Russia males patrol all over roads hunting for black colored guys to harass and attack.

All of the assaults have already been against African male migrants who fled their house nations searching for asylum that is political task possibilities.

Better options?

Ukraine and Poland are much better alternatives to Russia if you’re seeking to explore components of Eastern Europe.


Asia has been typically aggressive to foreigners generally speaking as well as the Chinese federal government is gettting concerned about the present boost in black colored immigrants, especially in Guanzaghou, Asia.

As a result of the boost in black immigrants, the Chinese government has passed away a few laws and regulations which makes it difficult for black colored males to possess land, begin companies, open bank records and on occasion even hire a hotel room that is basic.

Another trend that is disturbing the boost in black colored males becoming locked up in just one of China’s many prisons. Ebony guys are often assaulted in public places then jailed for lengthy jail sentences when they defend on their own.

Even when a foreigner hits an area or Chinese person in self-defense, you will get screwed by the courts plus the authorities.

Former Ball State football player Wendell Brown had been sentenced to 4 years in jail for protecting himself against a mob of drunk terrorists that are chinese.

Also, there clearly was a more current assault against a Zambian university student for dating a woman that is chinese.

Asia is an extremely place that is communist even sites like Twitter and Youtube are prohibited through the entire country. You will need a VPN (virtual personal network) like PureVPN to gain access to these fundamental sites.

There are several econonmic & work opportunities for foriegners who would like to get involved with the import/export trade since Asia is among the biggest manufacturers of low priced, resellable items on the planet.

While Asia has some economic possibilities to foreigners, i believe the nation just interests black colored guys that are ready to discover Mandarin and flourish in Asia despite their racist and hostile behavior.

Better Alternatives?

Japan or Hong Kong are much better alternatives for black colored males seeking to travel within the asia.


Greece is well known because of its hostile and attitude that is racist black colored males. Their latest lethal attack against Bakari Henderson, a 22-year man who simply graduated through the University of Arizona, shows just exactly how tensions can flare against brothas in a heartbeat.

In fact, you will find present day lynch mobs patrolling around Greece going because of the title associated with the “Golden Dawn Party” in an effort to control Greece’s immigration that is ongoing.

These terrorists target all immigrants of color including African, Pakistan and Muslim migrants.

The economy of Greece is struggling (the same as most of Baltic countries) and racists are attacking black colored males due with their frustrations and not enough financial energy.

While Greece continues to be a travel that is popular for black colored ladies, I think black guys should reconsider Greece altogether or just check out for some days then leave.

Better Alternatives?

Spain, Italy and France are much better alternatives to Greece and you’ll feel much safer there also.


Racism against black guys is every where but certain nations are far even worse than the others. I am hoping to see and enlighten brothas from all over the global globe about problematic countries before you visit them.