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10 remedies with vitamin C that will transform your skin

10 remedies with vitamin C that will transform your skin


10 remedies with vitamin C that will change the skin.

Before spring brings the long-awaited warmth, you will probably have to undergo an initiation by the capricious March weather. And here’s to‑spring’s freshest complexion won’t last long — Vitamin C products will help take care of it in a short time.

The old good vitamin C is well known to us from our youth — Winter tangerine season was important not only as a harbinger of holiday cheer, but also as a method to replenish the growing body’s supply of ascorbic acid. In cosmetology, the path of this vitamin was not so simple: ascorbic acid breaks down under the influence of sunlight and offensively rapidly loses its useful characteristics. That’s why the small yellowish balls «of ascorbic acid» have always been sold in dark glass vials. Still, the last couple of years had not been entirely inconclusive for chemistry lab workers — stabilized forms of vitamin C finally saw the light and weren’t afraid of it. And this means that funds with ascorbic acid and its derivatives have become more effective not only in words, but in reality.

1. Rich concentrate with 12.5% vitamin C, Kiehl’s’s.

2. Green Tea and Vitamin C Serum for Skin Tonicity, It’s Skin.

3. Vitamin C Instant Vitamin C Repair Cream, Mavala.

4. Weekly Renewal System with Unsullied Vitamin C, Clinique.

5. Anti-aging serum with peptides and vitamins C and E, Rejudicare Synergy.

The main thing vitamin C deserves special love for — Its ability to fight free radicals, which are one of the main causes of cell aging, inflammation, lowered immunity and other unpleasant phenomena in the body. Specifically, they — along with oxygen — initiate the natural process of oxidation in cells, and antioxidants are supposed to counteract or slow it down. Among them, vitamin C is one of the most powerful.

Moreover, vitamin C is the only antioxidant that not only prevents signs of aging, but also reverses the damage already occurring — its ability to stimulate the production of collagen, a protein that provides skin elasticity. Over the years, less of it is produced, the skin loses its firmness and becomes dull, creases and wrinkles evenly develop into large wrinkles if we don’t start helping the skin produce this «building material».

In most cases vitamin C is found in serum formulations — one of the easiest and most effective ways to help it reach the deeper layers of the skin. This serum can be applied in the morning and — On a completely clean skin. If you have a nasty dry feeling, you can put some moisturizer on top. If you add this step to your daily care, you will get a gradual improvement — Smoothing the skin, improving its color and evening its tone, reducing inflammation, etc.д.. Another option — special night peeling product — Usually it is enough to use at night instead of serum and cream.

6. Moisturizing serum with vitamin C, Egia Biocare System.

7. Firming concentrate with peptides and 23% vitamin C, Ultraceuticals.

8. Complete Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating and Renewing Treatment, Artistry.

9. Vitamin C Rich Anti-Aging Serum, Librederm.

10. Lifting and complexion-improving serum with peptides and vitamin C, 3Lab.

And if you want a quick boost of results.. — you can go for a rapid course with a higher dose of vitamin C. Typically, such a course is designed for a period of seven to 20 eight days, and consists of a capsule of vitamin C, which dissolves in a watery base only when opened to ensure the effectiveness of the product.

Store any remedy with vitamin C is better in a place po darker (bathroom cabinet is fine) and use without interruption for the term indicated on the packaging. Then you’re assertively asked when did you have time to go on vacation and your winter-weary skin will thank you for the strong protection and vitamin charge with its gaping and healthy look.